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Manager's Comments


    April showers, bring May flowers!  Well let’s at least hope April showers get rid of the snow and frost that we’ve been suffering through the last couple of months.  At the time I’m writing this article, the experts are calling for another major snow storm to hit Nebraska.  Let’s hope it turns to rain and no more icy  conditions.  Our linemen have been out enough trying to keep the power on during these extreme weather events.  On that note, April 18th is “Linemen Appreciation Day”.
    We should all be thankful for our linemen.  2018 proved to be a vulnerable year for weather events.  Midwest saw seventy two thousand hours of total interruptions to our members due to storms or about 13 hours per meter, six times the normal.  The last time we exceeded that number was in 2005 and the majority of those outages occurred during the Thanksgiving ice storm that left thousands of people without power.  An old saying “When the weather is at it’s worse, our linemen are at their bests” is so true today.  In fact, it’s hard to bring a lineman back in for rest if there is even one customer left without power.  You know you have   reliable power when you flip on that light switch and you expect the lights to come on.  Thank a lineman and keep your fingers crossed and let’s hope 2019  will be uneventful!
    It never ceases to amaze me, what length some people will do to get out of working for a living.  We had a customer the other day who called the office after getting a threatening call that their power was going to be disconnected if they  didn’t pay $1,000 on their account.   They were told to pay this through a cash card.  Fortunately they didn’t fall for the scam and called Midwest.  There are several things to remember when you are receiving a threatening call such as being disconnected, your credit card is supposed compromised or your banking account has been hacked.  Always thank them for the information and tell them you will call the company and handle it then.  This will assure you that you are talking to the proper party.   At Midwest, we do occasionally call someone on a delinquent account but we will never be offended that you call back to the office and ask to speak to customer service.   Just taking a few more minutes to confirm the phone call could save you thousands of dollars.
    If you’ve forgotten, the new electric heat rate is available and will save you 25 to 30% on your electric heat bill each month from October through April.  Midwest will require an additional meter, but we will supply you with the majority of the equipment and all you will need to do is hire an electrician to install the equipment.  There is a savings of 2.5 cent per kilowatt hour.  It’s time to save money, give Midwest a call and we can estimate your annual savings. 



*Midwest Electric is an equal opportunity provider and employer.*


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