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Manager's Comments


Time does fly!  As you read this we are now in the 10th month of the year, the farmers will begin harvesting their crops and the children (young and old) will be dressing up in their favorite costumes and going door to door begging for treats!  October is a transition month where you still see those “dog days of summer” and experience the “frost on the pumpkin!”

After all of the bad storms that hit the central parts of the country, we hope and pray for stable weather to allow the farmers to harvest their crops and enjoy that “harvest moon.”  Today, September 13, our crews are busy south of Dickens replacing poles that were toppled by a recent storm.  Last count, 42 poles will need to be replaced in various locations.  Midwest was the lucky one, as there was lots of crops, bin sites and some buildings destroyed in this storm.

Today we have a bit of good news to share.  Tri-State Generation (our power supplier) approved the 2020 budget and for the third  year in a row, does not require an increase in the Class A rate.  Tri-State’s power bill accounts for nearly 70% of our expenses annually.  Although, I’m only in the beginning stages of our budget, I’m not anticipating any increase for 2020.  

October is “Fire Prevention Month” and I would like to thank all of the volunteer fire fighters and EMT’s for what they do for our communities.  These volunteers donate hundreds of hours each year of their personal time for training, fire calls, and ambulance calls.  Special thanks to Bob Hochstein, an employee at Midwest Electric for his dedication and commitment to his job and community.  You too, can make a difference, as our communities are looking for volunteers for the next generation of fire fighters and EMT’s.



*Midwest Electric is an equal opportunity provider and employer.*


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