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Manager's Comments


This is always a busy time of the year for our employees.  At Midwest Electric, we take our safety as the # 1 priority!  Each month we have safety meetings and discuss operations, near misses, jobsite briefings, switching and many more items.  We not only discuss safety, we live a safety culture.  Our linemen and apprentices all know, from the time they were interviewed for a position at Midwest, they can stop a job for any reason or concern at any time to form another job briefing to make certain the steps they are taking on the job are done the safest way possible.

Recently, our linemen and management signed an agreement to the “Commitment to Zero Contacts.”  This means that each and everyone here at Midwest commits themselves to watching over their team members to make certain they are able to return each night to their families!

This commitment to safety also shows up in our workers compensation insurance.  Over the past 10 years, Midwest had eight years with no “lost time” accidents that kept a lineman away from work for at least one day while working over 600,000 hours in all kinds of conditions.   Only two years with lost time accidents, one of these was a broken finger and the other a twisted knee.  Because of the great safety record, our workers compensation premiums were reduced by $233,000 over the past 10 years which is a 40% reduction on premiums or about $23,000 per year.

The linemen are also very busy replacing and repairing lines that were hit by tractors and farm equipment over the past several weeks.  Please, to keep our employees and your employees safe, follow a few safety rules.  Keep at least 10 feet away from any powerline or down guy, make certain that those augers are lowered before you move them, and if you do strike a power line, do not get out of the vehicle or tractor unless there is a chance of fire.  If you do need to escape, be certain to put both feet together and bunny hop away from the equipment without touching it and hop as far as you can.  By contacting the ground with your feet together, it keeps the voltage from going through your body.

Let’s all of us enjoy and safe and productive year!  Look up and Live!



*Midwest Electric is an equal opportunity provider and employer.*


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