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Manager's Comments


As a cooperative, Midwest Electric is guided by the Seven Cooperative Principles.  They are:
1 – Open and Voluntary Membership
2 – Democratic Member Control
3 – Members’ Economic Participation
4 – Autonomy and Independence
5 – Education, Training and Information
6 – Cooperation Among Cooperatives
7 – Concern for Community

This past month highlighted an opportunity for us to exercise our Concern for Community.  The Perkins County Health Service Foundation usually holds a fundraiser in December each year to raise money for projects or equipment that fall outside the regular budget.  They were unable to hold the same type of gathering this year so instead they conducted a tournament with an oversized version of the game Operation.  Midwest was happy to be a sponsor of the tournament that went to raise money for operating room equipment.  Midwest was also able to secure matching funds from CoBank - one of our lending partners - to support the effort.

Not only was the fundraiser an opportunity to support this specific project but also provide some encouragement for our health care providers in general.  It has obviously been a long few months for the health care industry and Perkins County Health Services and Colglazier Demmel Medical Clinic along with many other area health care providers have been pushed to their limits trying to care for our community and stay on top of an ever-changing situation.  On behalf of the Board of      Directors and employees of Midwest, I’d like to extend our thanks to all involved.

For the tournament, Midwest employee Randy Schmitt and his wife Lisa participated representing Midwest.  They were able to advance all the way to the finals.  Congratulations to Randy and Lisa for their success and congratulations to Midwest Electric members Drs. Eric and Tori Gengenbach for winning the tournament!

I hope everyone has a safe and happy 2021!



Jayson Bishop



*Midwest Electric is an equal opportunity provider and employer.*


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