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Manager's Comments


My apologies for being a little on the slow side getting this news to our members.  April 18th, 2018 was National Lineman Appreciation Day and although our linemen did not get to celebrate that day at the office, (we did have breakfast for the lineman a few days later) our lineman were still very busy cleaning up after the April 13th and 14th blizzard.

Friday the “13th” started the morning with rain and the temperature just above the freezing mark. Several hours later the snow began to fall and within less than 30 minutes the visibility went to nearly zero. About one o’clock the phones began to ring, the outages started to pile up. Our crews were out in the elements in nearly zero visibility. Just when we would get one group of customers back on, another circuit would go out and we would reroute our lineman to that area.

By the time the blizzard had subsided we lost power to over 1,900 services. There were approximately 40 families that had to spend the night without power or heat.  Leaving families without power is a hard call to make, but the conditions got so bad, the visibility was near zero and there were so many stranded vehicles on the roads, our linemen could not get to the outages.

By late Saturday morning we had power restored to all of our customers. There is a reason lineman are being recognized for their commitments, four of our lineman then volunteered to help Loup Valley PPD of Ord, NE and spent five more days working 16 hour days helping them restore power to their residential customers. We had many more volunteers, but Midwest still had repairs to make to our system.

I am privileged to work with a great team here at Midwest and the support from our members throughout these difficult periods is just amazing. I did not have one customer that complained about the outages, and for this, I thank you! Be safe, look up and live!





*Midwest Electric is an equal opportunity provider and employer.*


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