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Manager's Comments


     “Decisions!”  Each and every day you must decide your plans for the day.  It starts early.   “What am I going to wear, what’s for breakfast, do I need to get the chores done before I leave or should I do them when I get back or not at all?”  Those are the little decisions that one does without much thought or foresight.  However, the ones that affect your future and the future of your family should be planned well in advance for the best outcome.

     At Midwest Electric, my job is to plan for the future and try and make the best decisions I can for my employees and my owners, you!  Currently we are working on the upcoming 2019 operating budget and a four-year capital work plan that encompasses growth on our system,  rebuilding of lines that have served our members well over the years, but need to be replaced, and areas of our system that need upgraded to accommodate the larger loads.  These are all decisions that need to be planned for, weigh the benefits and try to get the biggest bang for the buck!  

     Coming up on November 6th is a big decision that you will need to make!  Yes, that’s election day and before you step behind that curtain (YOU ARE VOTING, CORRECT?) to vote, you need to be informed about the candidates, ballot initiatives, bond issues and so on.  Daily decisions often times can be changed without dire consequences.  Making a wrong decision at the voting booth will have long term consequences.  Get informed, talk to the candidates, study the issues and if you have not voted in a general election the last day to register is October 26th for the Nov. 6th election.  And remember




*Midwest Electric is an equal opportunity provider and employer.*


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