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The Nominating Committee of the Midwest Electric Cooperative Corporation will meet at the office of the Cooperative in Grant, Nebraska at 10:00 A.M. (MST) on Monday, January 11, 2021, for appointing nominees for three directorships on the Cooperative Board of Directors.  The election of directors will be at the Annual Meeting of the Cooperative to be held at the Perkins County High School in Grant, Nebraska on March 23, 2021.  In accordance with the Corporation’s by-laws, any fifteen (15) or more members acting together may make other nominations by petition not less than fifteen (15) days prior to the annual meeting and the Secretary shall post such nominations at the same place where the list of nominations made by the committee are posted. 

Nominees will be selected for District #2 – Dale Schroeder, Incumbent; District #4 – Vance McCoy, Incumbent; District #7 – Dennis Hutt, Incumbent.
Members of the Nominating Committee are:

District 1 
Robert Cone, 2302 Westridge Dr, Ogallala, NE 69153
Alt. Mark McKeag, 175 Rd W 110, Ogallala, NE 69153

District 2 
Lane Fattig, 1897 E Road 50, Paxton, NE 69155
Jeremy Gifford, 266 Road East H S, Ogallala, NE 69153
Alt. Rodney Krab, 615 E 3rd St, Paxton, NE 69155

District 3 
Martin Keller, 785 Paxton/Elsie Rd, Paxton, NE 69155
Alt. Ken Lierley, 500 Paxton/Elsie Rd, Paxton, NE 69155  

District 4 
Troy Hahn, PO Box 124, Elsie, NE 69134
Brandon Clough, 27044 Wallace Rd, Wallace, NE 69169
Alt. Chris Flaming, PO Box 82, Elsie, NE 69134

District 5 
Dana Cornelius, 33450 Road 766, Madrid NE 69150
Alt. Ryan Cornelius, PO Box 422, Grant, NE 69140

District 6 
Theodore Bruns, 32745 Road 769, Ogallala, NE 69153
Alt. Larry Mosel, 198 Road West A S, Ogallala, NE 69153

District 7 
Brad Keuten, PO Box 268, Grant, NE, 69140
Leon Kumor, PO Box 712, Grant, NE 69140
Alt. Robert Bounds, PO Box 862, Grant, NE 69140

District 8 
Doug Johnson, PO Box 156, Elsie, NE 69134
Alt. Josh Harms, 34055 Road 751, Madrid, Ne 69150

District 9 
David Andersen, 34391 W Andersen Road, Wallace, Ne 69169 
Alt. Brian Holm, 39201 W Nelson Rd, Wallace, Ne 69169 


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