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Manager's Comments


You don’t have to look very far to know that the seasons are changing.  Leaves are changing colors.  Combines are busy in the fields.  Trucks are keeping the roads warm.  Fall and harvest are definitely upon us.

Fall also brings a transition for Midwest.  We are an extreme summer-peaking system with irrigation wells accounting for the vast majority of our power usage and load each year.  For the second straight year, we set a record for peak load this summer as we went over 153 megawatts of power being used on July 28th.  As I write this, we are not even at 10 megawatts of load.  Maintaining our system to support that huge increase in load and responding to issues at specific accounts keeps our linemen pretty busy during the summer months.

As we move into fall, we are able to do some bigger line rebuild projects that we can’t do during the summer months when we are heavily loaded.  We also do maintenance jobs that require planned outages.  And we begin doing our annual line inspections where we actively inspect line and equipment all around our service territory looking for any problems that might be developing.  

We also bring in outside contractors to help with maintenance items.  We have a crew in our system to do testing and maintenance on our line reclosers (or breakers) to make sure they are working properly.  At other times we will have a company do testing on our poles to identify some that may need to be replaced and tree trimmers to help keep the lines clear. 

All part of striving to provide high-quality, reliable, and competitively priced electricity to our members!

What Midwest can do for you:
Keep yourself safe and prevent damage to underground utilities by calling Diggers Hotline before beginning any project that requires digging.  Simply call 8-1-1 to reach their technicians who will talk you through getting the location information for your project.  They then notify all utilities – electric, water, gas and communications – that have facilities in the area so they can be marked.  This service is paid for by the utilities – including Midwest Electric – who are part of the system so it is free to you.


Jayson Bishop




*Midwest Electric is an equal opportunity provider and employer.*


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